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 The Advantages 

luxury precast concrete curved spiral helical stair staircase
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Our precast concrete stairs are cheaper than a stair cast insitu on site due to the efficiencies we have within a factory environment. 
Our precast concrete staircases can be installed in a day and often at the same time as the structural flooring. Insitu poured concrete stairs often take weeks to build, cast, strip and finish. 
Providing an immediate working platform, our precast concrete stairs can be used as soon as they are installed. Insitu poured stairs will require alternative access routes to the upper floors while they are being built. 
Quality and waste 
Using a flexible steel formwork system enables our precast stairs to be made accurately and to a high quality. Precasting allows the repeated use of formwork whereas insitu concrete pouring results in the formwork being disposed of on each project. 

Construction Benefits 

Our curved staircases are fire resistant. 
In most cases our staircases eradicate use of in-situ concrete. 
Our staircases are quick to install, minimising time spent on site. 
Health & Safety – In most cases, once installed our staircases act as an immediate access route and can easily be installed with the addition of a temporary handrail. 
Interested in how we produce our precast concrete curved staircases? Just watch the timelapse video to see the process from start to finish... 

Manufacture & Installation 

precast concrete stair craned from mould
precast concrete stair craned from mould
curved precast concrete cantilever step units
precast concrete curved spiral helical winder stairs staircase
precast concrete curved stair mould in factory
curved precast concrete stair installed to steel frame
precast concrete curved stair installed with crane
precast concrete curved stair installed in property
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